How I started...

As a child preparing for my first week of camp, my dad helped me personalize a wooden camp box using a simple woodburning tool. As the years passed, the number of designs on the camp box grew and so did my love for woodburning.  


I quickly realized that this form of art (pyrography) was fun, affordable, and something creative I could actually do. However, it was the discovery of burning on dried gourds that turned this hobby into a passion for pyrography and gourd art. While I still burn on wood, it is the individual uniqueness of each gourd that truly captures my imagination and creative soul.


Enjoy browsing through the site and check out the gallery as well as original art work currently for sale. Remember one piece may use similar techniques as another, but due to the very nature of gourds and pyrography, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

PyroLyn Originals

Independence, MO USA


(pīˈrä ɡrə fē)

The art of using a heated tool to create design with the shading and texture achieved through burning.